Kresge Foundation

Established in 1924 by Sebasatian S. Kresge, the Kresge Foundation is a national foundation that has a history of supporting grant opportunities that invest in America’s urban cities through the themes of education, arts and culture, health, human services, and education. The five values that shape the foundation and its funding opportunities include stewardship, respect, creativity, partnership, and opportunity.

Through the five themes discussed above, Kresge funds operating support, project grants, and planning grants to nonprofit organizations in the United States. The available opportunities are described below:

  1. Arts & Culture:
    • Place-based and Local Systems Initiatives: This initiative supports proposals that are cross-disciplinary in nature, include stakeholders and low-income community members as beneficiaries of project objective and goals, demonstrate unique place-making techniques through art and culture, etc. These proposals are reviewed on an ongoing basis.
  2. Education:
    • The education theme focuses on “promot[ing] postsecondary access and success for low-income, first-generation and underrepresented students living in cities in the United States . . .” This goal is promoted through the funding of grants that focus on the areas of 1) aligning and strengthening urban higher education ecosystems; 2) building the capacity of institutions focuses on low-income and underrepresented students; and 3) strengthening pathways to and through college.
  3. Environment:
    • This initiative is supported in the areas of 1) climate resilience and urban opportunity; 2) climate resilience in coastal cities and regions; 3) sustainable water resources management in a changing climate; and urban energy resilience.
  4. Health:
    • Innovative Population Health Programs and Policies: This initiative supports projects that can inform health care policy and practice, focus on community engagement and impact, and use data and information from the health sector to employ new models or to inform strategies, measure progress, etc. These proposals are reviewed on an ongoing basis.
    • Healthy Housing and Neighborhoods Initiative: This initiative supports projects that focus on connecting and developing community, health, and housing efforts, particularly policies that promote healthy housing and mitigate the impacts of substandard housing. These proposals are reviewed on an ongoing basis.
  5. Human Services:
    • Advancing Innovative, Multi-sectoral Policy Solutions in Human Services: This initiative supports proposals that focus on the connection between polices and the human services sector, as well as evaluate or advocate policies that will have a positive impact on the community and population served.

Awards: Kresge Foundations awards vary based on each of the themed programs listed above. The foundation provides grantees with three types of funding opportunities: 1) opportunities open on an ongoing basis, without deadlines; 2) opportunities open for a limited time, with specific deadlines; and 3) opportunities offered via an invitation from a Kresge program officer.

How to apply: Applications accepted on an ongoing basis: Human Services applications, Health applications, and Education applications.